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Suspicious activations when changing between user accounts

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If a CopyMinder protected program is installed in standalone (not network) mode and then run from user accounts with different privileges, this may causes suspicious installations to be generated, eventually leading to an error 739 when the maximum number of suspicious installations is passed. The solution is to use version 58 or later of the .cm file, which uses a heuristic method to learn what protection checks work for all users the the software is run as. Normally the .cm file will automatically upgrade itself to the latest available version, but if the installation was activated manually or the internet connection is removed then this cannot happen. It also will not happen if the developer has asked for all updates to be frozen to a particular, earlier, version of the .cm file. In the former case, will provide an executable that will upgrade a .cm file in situ without requiring internet access to complete the upgrade. In the latter case, please contact us to discuss why your updates are frozen.
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