CopyMinder - GDPR agreement


The CopyMinder service provides you with the ability to collect registration information about your customers subject to your acceptance of this agreement and to manage this data on our server. If you do not accept this agreement your access to this data and your ability to collect it will be withdrawn after 25th May 2018.
You are the data controller for this data. We are a third party data processor.

Scope of data collected

We provide you with the facility to collect name, address, telephone number and email address data for your customers. Exactly which data, if any, is collected is under your control.

Duration of processing

Processing will occur while you are users of the CopyMinder service.

Nature and purpose of processing

Collection, storage, retrieval and sorting of the data.

Your obligations

  • To keep access to your account on our servers, where the data is accessed, secure, so as not to facilitate a data breach.
  • To advise us if you believe the account is compromised so we can discuss what action to take and if necessary advise the Information Commissioner's Office or other regulatory body as appropriate.
  • When using the tools and customer data on the CopyMinder platform, to process that data in accordance with the principles of GDPR.

Our undertakings to you

  • We provide you with the means to process this data yourselves. We undertake to process, delete or otherwise modify this data only in accordance with your written instructions.
  • We will ensure that the people with access to this data have a duty of confidentiality, and that access to this data is restricted to those of our employees that require it.
  • We will ensure the data is processed securely if you ask us to process it.
  • We will not engage any third party to process this data.
  • We will assist you in fulfilling subject access requests from data subjects. However, this should not normally be necessary as you can directly access all of the personal data we hold on your data subjects through your account on our servers without reference to us.
  • We will notify you of any data breaches.
  • On your written request we will delete this data. The data will be promptly removed from the online servers, but will persist in offline backups for some period through the normal course of rotation.


"Customer" ,"you", "your" refer to individuals or organisations that have CopyMinder accounts on our servers as they have either purchased the full version, or are using a trial version of the CopyMinder software.

"Us", "we", "our" refer to Microcosm Ltd.

"They", "them", "their" and "end users" are your customers that use software protected by CopyMinder and provide registration information when they install software sold by you. They are the data subjects.