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Error A482

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Description: Error downloading the .cm file from website.

Solution: Please check you are able to access the Internet, and the CopyMinder website in particular using your Internet browser.

If you get error A482/0/705/6/2 then your Developer ID/Password pair are incorrect. Please do the following:

If you are using SDK version 4.4 or later to protect a .NET program and you get eror A482/0/843/0 then your DID is not set to use version 62 or later of the .cm file.

If you are using SDK version 1.6 and get error A482/0/9705/6/2, you need to upgrade to a later version.

If you are using a version of the SDK prior to 2.7 and get error A482/0/8, you also need to upgrade to a later version.

The latest SDK can be downloaded from here

If you get error A482/0/784/... then the name of the program you specified in the Output Pathname field differs from the name of the protected program specified on the web site for this Product Code.

Error A482/0/7 indicates that Internet access was unavailable.

Error A482/0/843/0 means that you're trying to protect a .NET program using SDK 4.4 or later but your account is configured to use version 61 or earlier of the .cm file. Version 62 or later is required for this to work. Please contact Microcosm for support.

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