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Error 7

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There was a problem connecting to the CopyMinder website.

The error usually appears with a second number (the extended error), e.g. 7/12029. The extended error number is a Windows specific error number. A full list of these errors is provided by Microsoft here:

Check your computer can access the internet ok, specifically and We also have and as backup servers, but access to these shouldn't usually be required.

Specific Extended Errors

This means a connection to our server could not be established. This can be due to the internet connection being down, or the presence of a web proxy on the network which is blocking access to our servers. In the latter case please ensure the proxy is either reconfigured to allow access or bypassed completely.

This extended error has been seen to occur with the "Untangle" firewall product when it is configured to block direct connections by IP address. Untangle must be configured to allow direct connections by IP address.

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