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Error 12

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Description: Unable to access the Internet.

Solution: There are two possible causes of this error: failed proxy server authentication or blocking by a firewall.

Proxy Servers

Home users are unlikely to use proxy server authentication.

If you have a proxy server that requires authentication then CopyMinder will prompt you to enter the appropriate password. If you fail to provide the correct password, it will give this error.


Your machine probably includes one or more firewalls to prevent unwanted Internet access to/from your machine. Modern versions of Windows include a firewall, people install 3rd party firewalls (e.g. ZoneAlarm), routers and modems may also include firewalls. In most situations, these cause no problems for CopyMinder. However, if a firewall does block access to the Internet for CopyMinder, you will get this error.

If your Internet browser can access this web page from the machine giving this error then firewalls in hardware outside your PC (e.g. routers and modems) are not the cause of this error.

The Windows firewall that Microsoft provides has never been known to block CopyMinder.

Some third party firewalls have facilities to block access to certain web sites. The default settings for these are usually to allow all access unless you explicitly specify otherwise so they should only be a problem if you have instructed them not to allow access to this web site ( If you have any concerns about allowing access to this web site, please look at our Privacy Policy.

Some third party firewalls have facilities to block certain applications from accessing the Internet. These are the most likely cause of this error. If your Internet browser can access then you should check the firewall settings to ensure that the application you are running is in the list of permitted applications and not in the list of restricted applications.

You could confirm that a particular firewall is causing the problem by temporarily disabling the firewall. Remember to re-enable it afterwards.

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