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Error 19, 103 Starting the CMNET service

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This error message means that the CMNet service DID not start successfully because the CopyMinder Network Path could not be found.
CMNet versions prior to November 2007
Windows services cannot, by default, access network shares due to the account under which they run. This means that you should not specify a UNC path or a mapped network drive for the CopyMinder Network Path even if they refer to the local machine. The shared directory should be on the machine that's running the CMNet service and you should give the local path to this directory (e.g., C:SharedDirectory).
Newer versions of CMNet
Newer versions of CMNet are able to access network shares when running as a service. When you install/start the CMNet service and provide the CopyMinder Network Path it will detect that you have given the path to a network share and ask you for the username and password of a specific user account under which to run the service. This account should have Administrator rights on the machine.
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