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articleI've forgotten my password
CopyMinder stores all passwords using a one-way encryption algorithm, so we are unable to tell you what your password is. If you t...
18 Jun, 2007    Views: 3429
articleWhat is a suspect installation?
A suspect installation is one which CopyMinder thinks has either been installed on a second machine or perhaps moved to another machine. Fol...
18 Jun, 2007    Views: 3832
articleVerifying registration email addresses
Description: Can CopyMinder verify the email address that the user enters when they register the program? Solution: Yes, just set 'Verified...
18 Jun, 2007    Views: 3845
articleI've deleted a Product Code, can it be restored?
We are able to restore deleted product codes although we cannot guarantee to restore it back to the original state it was in before you del...
28 Jun, 2007    Views: 2178
articleIs a CopyMinder manual available online?
Not at present. The manual is in the Help|Contents menu in the CopyMinder Developer's Platform (CopyMinder.exe).  
03 Jul, 2007    Views: 4266
articleCan I use my PDA to access the CopyMinder web site?
Yes, provided the browser on your PDA supports JavaScript. Users have reported the following: Internet Explorer 6 only has "limit...
01 Nov, 2007    Views: 2623
articleCan I get a list of Product Keys I have generated?
Yes.  Just go to 'Log Files' and searching for 'Product Key generated'.  This will give you a list of all the PKs generated t...
12 Nov, 2007    Views: 1843
articleNotes on emailing your users
The developer's website provides the facility to send an email to all of your users that have an email address recorded.  You should be...
19 Feb, 2009    Views: 1545
articleHow to I turn off registration emails?
When a new customer first runs your protected program, CopyMinder sends you an email to let you know.  It sends the email to the addres...
02 Dec, 2010    Views: 1241
articleSmartSign 2-Factor Authentication Login
You can further secure the login to your developer account through the use of SmartSign 2-factor authentication (2FA). SmartSign 2FA buil...
01 Oct, 2014    Views: 1023

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