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articleWhy does re-installing my application force the user to re-activate?
The user only needs to re-activate following a re-install of your application (to the original folder) if the .cm file is replaced with a ne...
29 Jun, 2011    Views: 2403
articleWhat does CMInstall.exe do?
CMInstall handles all the folder and Windows Registry access rights for a CopyMinder installation. It also puts the .cm file in a sensible l...
08 Sep, 2008    Views: 6426
articleHow does CMInstall handle a customised .cm.ini file?
It is sometimes useful for a Software Developer to provide their users with a customised .cm.ini file. CMInstall will copy any existing .cm...
05 Nov, 2010    Views: 1525
articleCMInstall with Microsoft ClickOnce
This is some code kindly donated to us by a CopyMinder user who wanted to run CMInstall.exe from ClickOnce. We hope you find it useful. if...
22 Mar, 2012    Views: 1679
articleError 493
Description: CopyMinder.exe was unable to save CMInstall.exe in the 'Output pathname for protected program'  that you specified. Soluti...
29 Oct, 2007    Views: 2358
articleError 1005
Description This error number can mean two things: 1. If the error does not have a path appended to it then it means that the CMInstall dest...
09 Dec, 2009    Views: 2496
articleError 1008
Description:  CMInstall was unable to set the access rights to the destination path.  Error 1008/1332 means that Wind...
11 Jun, 2010    Views: 2376
articleError 1011
Description:  Error copying .cm file from source to destination. Solution:  This is most likely to be caused by the user specifyi...
04 Apr, 2011    Views: 1796
articleError 1016
Description:  Error creating empty .cm file in destination path. Solution:  This is most likely to be the result of the user sp...
04 Apr, 2011    Views: 1732
articleError 1017
Description: CMInstall was unable to create the directory specified for the CM Destination Path. Solution: Check that the specified path is ...
13 Nov, 2007    Views: 2202
articleError 1018
Description:  CMInstall was unable to create the Destination Path for the .cm file. Solution:  You probably do not have sufficie...
11 Jun, 2010    Views: 2445
articleError 1025
Description The /c command line parameter (install for current user) is not supported on Vista onwards due to the way in which these operati...
12 Nov, 2010    Views: 1737

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