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CMInstall with Microsoft ClickOnce

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This is some code kindly donated to us by a CopyMinder user who wanted to run CMInstall.exe from ClickOnce.

We hope you find it useful.

if (ApplicationDeployment.IsNetworkDeployed)
{   // This is a clickonce application 
    ApplicationDeployment deployment = ApplicationDeployment.CurrentDeployment;
    if (deployment.IsFirstRun)
    {   // is the first run of THIS version of the application
        if (!IsAdminRole())
            MessageBox.Show("This application must be initialised first. You might be prompted by Windows to elevate to " +
                                "Adminstrator level, please accept in that case.");
        System.Diagnostics.Process process = new System.Diagnostics.Process();
        process.StartInfo.FileName = "CMInstall.exe";
        process.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = System.IO.Directory.GetCurrentDirectory();
        process.StartInfo.Arguments = "/k";
        { } while (!process.WaitForExit(200));
        if (process.ExitCode != 0)
            MessageBox.Show("Please report the following CMInstall error code: " + process.ExitCode.ToString());
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